a short but intensive “LEADERSHIP TRAINING PROGRAM AT THE UN” on September 16-20, 2019 in Geneva, Switzerland at the UN headquarters. This program is intended for young university personnel who are groomed for key management positions in the future.

WFUNA can accommodate no more than 35 trainees with 25 as the minimum. If we can not assemble 25 participants, the program will be cancelled. The fee for the training is US$2500 per person if the number is at least 25-29. If the number is 30-35, the fee can be reduced to US$2200 per person. The participants will cover their airfare, cost of visa, insurance and board and lodging. WFUNA will provide a free lunch for the duration of the training.

Please inform us if you are interested in nominating a staff member to the program so that we can ascertain the approximate number of participants. More materials on the “LTP at the UN” will be sent to interested parties later. You can ofcourse request these materials from our Executive Secretary, Ms Supaporn Chuangchid at auapheadquarters@aunap.org.

This is a special program created by WFUNA at the request of AUAP because of the need for this type of training to be undertaken by many of our young personnel especially those being prepared for senior management positions in their respective institutions. I hope you will nominate a participant to the above program.

AUAP Secretariat