The Center for Global Non-Killing (CGNK)

CGNK Programs

The Center for Global Nonkilling (GCNK) in consultative status with the United Nations has 19 research committees that bring together some 800 scholars from over 300 Universities globally that are engaged in building non-killing peace initiatives for socio-economic, ecological, environmental and sustainable development.

There is a big geographic imbalance within the CGNK, with greater representation from Europe and the USA, and a very few numbers of universities being represented from the Asia-Pacific region.

AUAP has entered into an MOU with CGNK to play an instrumental role in turning this situation around, inviting academics from among its members who have research interests in the field of non-killing, violence-prevention, conflict resolution, and peace studies, and to take part in developmental and sustainability programs under the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

The research committees of CGNK will provide best tools for creative approaches, learning and academic collaboration and information sharing with the members of AUAP. This will play important role for all future collaborations between CGNK and AUAP, in keeping with AUAP’s stated mission to promote universal peace and international understanding through education, and for socio-economic development and (universal) peace between nations.