The International Institute of Education (IIE)

An Honorary Reciprocal Membership Project Between the Association of Universities of Asia and the Pacific (AUAP) and the International Institute of Education (IIE).

The IIE, based in Washington DC, is an Educational Organization with a network called llENetwork which includes over 1,300 institutions of higher education around the world. It is the world's first truly global professional association for international education policy makers, administrators and researchers.

Part of the varied activities of IIE Is to administer some of the most prestigious scholarships like the Fulbright scholarship and the Schumann scholarship program.

The IIE has access to the most influential researchers in the field of education.

The proposal being presented to the AIJAP Board for approval is the establishment of a joint reciprocal honorary membership with IIE. If the proposal is approved, AUAP will be an honorary member of IIE for free and similarly, IIE will be an honorary member of AUAP. Designated official representative of each organization can attend the conferences of the other organization for free. As honorary member, AUAP can request IIE for assistance in identifying speakers who can be invited to deliver keynote speeches at our conferences. IIE can do the same to our members. Moreover, the AUAP will have the opportunity to participate in nominating qualified applicants to the many scholarship programs that it administers worldwide.