The World Federation of the United Nations (WFUNA)

WFUNA Programs

AUAP has entered into a comprehensive Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the World Federation of the United Nations Associations (WFUNA). WFUNA's Secretariat is based in New York City and at the Palais des Nations in Geneva, with offices also in Seoul, Korea and Brussels.

WFUNA is a global nonprofit organization representing and coordinating the membership of over 100 national United Nations Associations (UNAs) around the world, and their thousands of constituents. Guided by the vision of United Nations that as a powerful force in meeting common global challenges and opportunities, WFUNA works to strengthen and improve the United Nations.

WFUNA and AUAP have agreed to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding to develop a cooperative framework within which AUAP and WFUNA will develop and implement educational programs as well as other activities related to the field of education in UN-related matters. Under this agreement, AUAP and WFUNA will promote UN values through educational programs and activities as a concrete manifestation of their common goals to defend and strengthen cooperation, global citizenship and world peace.

As a first step towards achieving these aims, the parties have identified six thematic areas for collaboration to include: 1. United Nations values; 2. Global Citizenship; 3. Peace and Security; 4. Sustainable Development; 5. Human Rights; and 6. Asia–Pacific educational cooperation.