Keynote speech  
  Basic Information and Highest Education
Ichiro Tanioka
˙President of Osaka University of Commerce
˙Ph.D. in Sociology (1989) from the University of Southern California
˙Master of Science in University Administrative Management

Professional Experiences
˙Research Professor in the Faculty of Business Administration
˙Co-Director of the Japanese General Social Surveys at Osaka University of Commerce
˙President of Osaka University of Commerce

Publications and Lectures
˙"Go board is why 19 channels of whether: hypothesis on its roots as seen from game theory", "Osaka University of Commerce Journal" No. 130
˙"Gambling Fever"
˙"Sociology of gambling"
˙"A Case Study and statistics of the actual situation over Atlantic City crime in casino Toshite" (co) "Gambling & Gaming" No. 5
˙Pachinko Players in Japan: Subculture, Cult, or Ordinary Citizens at Leisure?」 「Gaming Law Review」Vol.9, Number 6, 2005

Honor and Awards
Member of the American Society of Criminology, the Japanese Association of Sociological Criminology, the Sociedad Internacional de Criminología, the Criminal Law Society of Japan, the Japan Sociological Society, and the International Go Federation, and has served on the editorial board of the Journal of Gambling Gaming.