The University delegation continues to visit the UAE and visit Shariqah Municipal

As part of his visit to the United Arab Emirates, His Excellency the Rector and his accompanying delegation visited Shariqah Municipality. The delegation met with the mayor and a number of municipal members. The delegation was acquainted with the activities run by the municipality in all fields.

Where the delegation is particularly familiar with the field of central laboratories for quality control and the experience of the municipality in the production of organic manure of animal and plant waste and others.

The Director of the University presented a detailed explanation of the International University of Africa and its role in education based on the experience of the farm, which started to enter the stages of commercial production, which requires cooperation in the fields of laboratories and quality laboratories and the field of manure, which is characterized by the Emirate of Shariqah. The mayor of Shariqah expressed his admiration for what he heard about the university, he fully expressed his readiness to cooperate with the university.

The delegation then visited the central labs and learned about the method of work of these laboratories, which examine all types of food in addition to other laboratories, especially soil examination and the laboratory for the examination of building materials and concrete.

The delegation then visited the organic manure factory where the delegation was familiar with all stages of manure manufacturing from the stage of the arrival of the waste to the final processing and packing stage.

It is worth mentioning that the central laboratories of Shariqah have shown their willingness to cooperate with the university in examining the products of the farm.