National University of Lesotho Welcomes 2018/2019 Freshmen

The National University of Lesotho, annually holds an orientation session which normally takes 7 days. This year, it started on the 2nd August, 2018 with the Freshmen arrivals and rooms allocation at the residences. On the 6th August, 2018, the NUL Officials welcomed the Freshmen and officially introduced them to the University’s environment.

NUL Registrar, Mrs. Liteboho Maqalika-Lerotholi, welcomed the freshers and introduced the Senior Management Team to them. “Senior Management Team of the University is comprised of the University Officers, Deans of the Faculties as well as the University Directors”, Mrs. Lerotholi alerted.

The Registrar also introduced the Students Representative Council to the new students. After a prayer by Chaplain, Mrs. Maqalika-Lerotholi welcomed on stage the Pro Vice Chancellor of the University to officially welcome the freshers.

When officially opening the orientation and introducing Freshmen to NUL environment, the Pro Vice Chancellor, Prof. Manthoto Lephoto asked the freshers to congratulate themselves and made them aware that the National University of Lesotho has a strategic plan that relates to them directly. A plan that shows us where we want to go, how we are going to get there and what the vision is. “Strategic plan is like your bible that directs you so that finally you can be able to achieve your goals”, Prof Lephoto emphasised.

She also introduced and articulated the university’s Vision to freshers which states ‘A vibrant African University nurturing thought leaders. Prof Lephoto promised the Freshers that the University is going to do anything and everything to make sure that they realized their dreams. “We will try to understand who you are what your dreams are and how you achieve them”, she promised.

Prof. Lephoto emphasised and focused on the two major goals which are; to increase students’ educational experience and competencies. She showed that the students are here to learn an acquire skills and competencies. The last goal is to inculcate entrepreneurial skills for all students.

She also promised the freshers that after completing their studies, they would have acquired entrepreneurial skills to use in the world of work so to create jobs not to seek for jobs. “All of these and many others is to make sure that you graduate alive, you become a better person and you have skills that will make you a thought leader”, Prof Lephoto indicated.

When concluding her remarks, Professor Lephoto told the students that DSA is the “students’ mother”, the guide and she will always be there for the students.

“We welcome you to the National University of Lesotho. This is going to be your learning, security place, your welfare place and your lives are assured. We wish you graduate alive and we wish you all the best in your studies”, Prof Lephoto concluded.

On behalf of the Students Representative Council, Minister of Justice Mr. Tsepo Lipholo indicated that he welcomes the freshmen to a magnificent, unique and peaceful community of higher learning in the country.

“The SRC represents all of you on all matters whether academic, administrative and extra-mural. It has the duty of representing you nationally and entering into external relations for your well-being.”, Mr. Lipholo, stipulated.

Mr. Lipholo told the students that his office (SRC) is aware of students’ needs such as lack of security to those staying off-campus, diminishing subventions and allowances in the era where transport and food are becoming too expensive. He further assured the students that measures are being taken in order to negotiate with the government. “I welcome you, once again and enjoy your orientation”, Mr. Lipholo concluded.

The Director Student Affairs, Ms. Tholoana Ntene also welcome the freshers and was very pleased to see them all. She wished them all the best in their academic and social lives and promised them all the needed support to make sure students achieve their goals. “DSA ensures you enjoy your life at NUL with availability of various facilities such as clinic, sports and recreation center, careers and counselling and welfare centers (social growth)”, Ms. Ntene said.

Orientation is held annually to help freshers settle into a new community; be it their residences, hall rooms, the classrooms or the library. A variety of events are held to orient and welcome new students during this period. It is a great time to learn more about life on campus and make new friends.